Wicked Saint

Wicked Saint by Nichole Rose


Can a rockstar with a bad reputation convince a sheltered young artist that loving him is worth any risk?

Until last year, I had it all. Fame. Fortune. Family.
One horrible decision nearly destroyed everything
I've been tormented by guilt ever since.
Until the moment I set eyes on her.
Everleigh Townsend is the light to my dark. My muse. My future.
But she wants nothing to do with me.
Convincing her that I'm not the out-of-control rockstar I used to be will take a miracle.
But I'll talk the devil into heaven if that's what it takes to make her mine.

My whole life, I've had one goal. To paint like the masters.
Now, my goal is within reach, but I feel it slipping further away.
Every time Saint Greenway touches me, everything else disappears.
The world says he's a monster. He agrees.
But I've never felt as whole as I do when I'm with him.
Until my parents find out about us, and my life spins out of control.
How can loving someone be wrong when it feels so right?

When this older rockstar falls for a young college student, he'll do whatever it takes to convince her to give him a chance. If redeemed bad boys, sugary-sweet romance, and scorching hot romance sound like a good time to you, you'll love this Wicked Saint and his muse! As always, Nichole Rose books come complete with a sticky-sweet and guaranteed HEA.

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