Who Needs Reality?
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Who Needs Reality? by Lia London


How do you woo the girl next door when she becomes a reality star?

Mild-mannered and predictable Milo Halsey wants to be a pharmacist. He is steady, reasonable, and hopelessly in love with his childhood best friend, the girl next door, Jill Ripley. But though they are practically inseparable, he's never declared his love because what if she laughed at the idea--or worse--ran away?

Beautiful, flighty, spoiled, and sweet, Jill chases adventure every day. When, on a whim, she decides to audition for Who Wants to Be a Soap Star, she convinces Milo to come along. It's all a crazy stunt until they make the cut! Thrown into a competitive world that brings out the worst in people, they both discover what matters more than fame and fortune. But how can they find true love when they are pawns in a fake world?

With loads of humor and surprising twists, this romantic comedy is sure to please readers who love a sweet and sassy love story.

Book 2: Getaway Gone Wrong
Book 3: Amaya's Dance
Book 4: A Bid for Love
Book 5: Crazy Little Crush
Book 6: Love from A to Z

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