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When You Come Home by Nancy Pitts

War took Daphne Kelley’s young husband from her, but it couldn’t keep Raymond – and his abiding love – from being with her when she needed him most. Taking its title from a poem Daphne sent her soldier-husband during World War II, When You Come Home tells of the couple's young love in the heartland of America on the brink of war, and of the crushing uncertainty and fear they feel as they find themselves a ripped apart. Through pain and worry, the grieving young wife finds that her faith provides hope and healing amidst the uncertainty of war. * * * Perhaps the most moving story (in The Greatest Generation) is that of Daphne Cavin, whose husband, Raymond Kelley, went to war only months after their marriage. The paper on which Daphne's sonnet is written ... and returned to her ... is stained with Raymond's blood.'' - Tom Brokaw
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