Warrior’s Reign: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Yedahn Book 6)
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Redemption. Assassination. A bond forged under dark fire.

Reign Obe’shan is hot headed. Infuriating. Ambitious—

—unfailingly loyal and willing to maim, kill, or die for duty.

Reign's boss, Imperial royal warrior Vykhan loves her in secret, concealing his identity. Dark secrets shadow his steps, and despite his vow to protect her from a distance, his past threatens to ensnare them both.

He fears if he unleashes his inner beast it will have no mercy, not even for his fated mate.

But to block an enemy from claiming her—body and life—he has no choice but to let his dark side reign.

Warrior’s Reign is a sci fi alien fantasy romance for readers who love adventure, enemies and friends to loversfated mates, royal intrigue and steamy, edgy chemistry. Standalone, Book 6 in the Warrior of Yedahn series.

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