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Wanted by the Lion by Kristen Strassel Tomas

A doe shifter's most deadly enemy becomes a forbidden love that changes the course of her fate. Daphne hates the tradition of The Mate. Every autumn, fate brings together the members of the herd who are destined to spend eternity together. She’s not about to give up her freedom for someone who doesn't love her, but she’s shifted into her doe form, and she feels she must go. When a mysterious man finds her and brings her to his cabin, all she knows is Leos’s not a buck... and he won’t tell her what he is. He’s frustratingly handsome, overly protective, and everything she ever wanted. But the most ancient of traditions goes horribly wrong when she finds out he’s her herd’s most deadly predator. Daphne must decide if her star-crossed love stands a chance, or if she should run from Leo.
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