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Crown Prince Malek of Sumaira needs a wife. Fast. Or at least his country does. Malek was happy living the life of an international lawyer, but when his brother disappears he has no choice but to become ruler of one of the Middle East’s most wealthy and turbulent countries. He needs respect, he needs stability, he needs a wife—preferably with no history—fast. And Sophie, his new PA, is more than happy to help him find one. She’s landed the dream job—well paid, lots of travel and no time for love. Computer-whizz Sophie has hardly left the house for the past few years while she’s cared for her mother. And now, with her mother gone, she’s determined never to be tied down again. But will working day in, day out, with this Michael Fassbender clone make Sophie change her mind? Will the idea of being tied down by him become something she thinks about obsessively, something she needs to get out of her system before it’s too late for either of them… Desert Kings Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh (Book 1, Malek and Sophie) The Sheikh's Bargain Bride (Book 2, Zahir and Anna) The Sheikh's Lost Lover (Book 3, Razeen and Lucy) Awakened by the Sheikh (Book 4, Tariq and Cara) Claimed by the Sheikh (Book 5, Sahmir and Rory) Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh (Book 6, Daidan and Taina) The Sheikhs of Havilah The Sheikh’s Secret Baby (Book 1) Bought by the Sheikh (Book 2) The Sheikh’s Forbidden Lover (Book 3)
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