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Waiting for Hope by Karen J. Hasley

It's 1905 and the new century overflows with opportunities for the smart, the strong, the confident, and the determined. All words that describe Hope Birdwell to a T. Her first twenty years had their share of trouble and torment, but she's certain the next twenty hold only promise. Hope leaves a sordid past behind and heads for Wyoming to take up homesteading. Never mind that she's alone in the world and has never known a real home in her whole life. Her name is Hope, after all, so what could possibly go wrong? Well, maybe the long reach of perverted violence from a brute she would rather forget could get in her way. Maybe the warmth of friends and community could compromise her independence. Maybe the loving attention of a handsome young man with the unnerving ability to change her opinions could cause her to falter. Hope Birdwell knows she's poised at the edge of a bright future, if only she can protect herself and the people she's grown to love from the dark and deadly menace of her past. The truths Hope learns in the wilds of Wyoming ~ truths like the danger of deception, the freedom of sacrifice, and the cost of love ~ are hard and painful lessons for a modern, single-minded girl. Still, she's not one to give up on her dreams--and her name is Hope, after all.
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