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Vincenzo by Ella Jade

Deception Never Looked So Good... NADIA I needed answers, The truth to the past, But what I find changes everything. A dead body, A murderer, And I'm the living, breathing eye witness, Of a crime they'll do anything to hide. Now, I'm on the run, And slamming into the hard, rugged body of Vincenzo Marchelli, Should send me racing for the hills, But something calms me, Gives me sanctuary. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, But it just may be the saving grace I needed all along. VINCENZO Liars, crime, coverups, and corruption, As an attorney, I can spot it all a mile away. As the son of a mob boss, it follows me everywhere. But when Nadia literally lands in my arms, With an unbelievable story, I know one thing: Her fear is real, And my desire is ignited. Come Hell or high-water, I will protect her, Save her, Even if it means going against her biggest enemy, My Family.
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