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Vengeance Due by Zoey Indiana

What if falling in love means the destruction of humanity? Cay's got it easy, until the new government ravages his home and his life. He only narrowly escapes when a revolutionary shows up to save him - a woman he can't get out of his mind. But he will do whatever it takes to save the world, even if it means locking his heart away. Nova has one goal in life, keeping members of the Resistance safe. Not easy to do when the government destroys her bar and her safe haven in the underground colony. The last thing she needs is to go on the run with a charming playboy that wakes a passion in her she's never felt before. But they find themselves falling in love despite a planet wide war filled with vengeance, conspiracies, and spies that have infiltrated the Resistance so deep, they don't know if they can trust anyone. Even each other. If you love daring dystopian adventures, butt-kicking heroines, and couples defying the odds, then you won't want to miss out… Download Vengeance Due today to start your next delicious adventure! Don't miss any of the Vengeance series: Book 0.5 - Vengeance Due Book 1 - Vengeance Unveiled Book 1.5 - Celebrating Vengeance Book 2 - Vengeance Executed Book 3 - Vengeance Denied Here's a free preview from chapter one of this steamy dystopian romance especially for you! Pain reverberated through her nose. Nova reached out to the wall to steady herself, but her hand landed on something warm. Startled, she opened her eyes. A muscled chest consumed her gaze, and her fingers trailed over the hard cords of muscle. It looked so different from her own chest, there were nipples, but they were much smaller than her own. "Hello there, my name is Cay. What's yours?" The chest rumbled as the silky deep baritone spoke. She raised her eyes until they stopped on a square jaw covered in short jet-black hair. Letting go of the chest, she ran her fingers through the hair. A man, this must be a real live man! Hundreds of years had gone by with only rumors of men since the virus killed them off. She'd heard there was one here at Gu'Kano Colony, but she'd never expected him to be real, let alone run into him. "I know you have a name, everyone does." A large hand covered her own on his chin. "Nova." Her voice cracked as she gazed up into his stormy grey eyes. "Nova." It rolled off his tongue, causing her to shiver in anticipation. What would it feel like pressed against that hard body? She shook her head to clear the thoughts out. No way was she going to let this distract her. "Excuse—" She cleared her throat and tried again. "Excuse me, I didn't see you there. It was nice to meet you, Cay, but I have somewhere to be." She hurried away before she lost her resolve. The supply office, she had to get to the supply office and do something. There was something she needed to do at the supply office. Footsteps behind her got louder. She opened her stride to put distance between her and Cay. The requisition form! She had to file a requisition form at the supply office. Booming steps invaded her ears. Quick, there was a lift available. If she could get there before him, she could close the doors and keep him out. With a quick inhale, she tightened her muscles and burst into a sprint for the lift door. Her heart leaped when she slid through the doors, and she punched the button continuously in desperation because they had to close before Cay caught up. Nova let out a calming breath as the doors shut. A hand appeared between the doors and they kicked open. Cay stepped inside and leaned against the wall. She would not look at the rippling of his muscles as he crossed his arms. Why wasn't he wearing a shirt?
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