Untouchable Zane
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Untouchable Zane by Debbie Cromack



He wants her, the woman from his dreams. She wants nothing to do with his fame. Could one fateful night destroy their chance at love?


Being a Hollywood heartthrob, I have the means to make almost anything happen...anything except this.

I've been haunted by the same mystery woman for almost half my life. A woman I've only ever seen in my dreams.

When she appears at my gym one day, I'm determined to do everything and anything to keep her in my life. And I will, as long as the one secret I've been hiding stays buried.

Can I make her fall in love with me before my fame and secret get in the way?


After a pattern of bad relationships, the last one ending due to a tragic car accident, I'm moving to California for a fresh start, a new life. Alone.

I've sworn off dating and given up on love and the idea of happily ever after. Am I strong enough to resist temptation though?

When I meet Zane Elkton at the gym, my whole life spins on its axis. He's everything I've ever wanted in a man. Everything and more...his addiction is more than I'm willing to tolerate.

Can I take the risk and let him into my heart? Or should I run as fast as I can?

(Untouchable Zane is a full-length, standalone, reverse age-gap, celebrity, slow burn, happily ever after, contemporary romance story for adults.

This book contains steamy scenes, alcoholism, and some explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only.)

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