Until We Collide
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Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield


What do you get when you cross a neck brace, a jellyfish, and an encounter with a gorilla?

Dating disasters only a quirky and fun woman could endure.

With her thirtieth birthday fast-approaching, Paige Taylor knows she must get more than her toes wet in the dating pool. After all, she's spent way too long pining over Alec Wright, who's perpetually unavailable. Now, with some encouragement from her best friend, Paige is ready to take the plunge and find Mr. Right.

But when a catalogue of catastrophic dates ensue, Paige questions what she's always wondered.

Is Alec Wright her Mr. Right?

An Amazon UK, and international, #1 bestselling contemporary romance, humour, and romantic comedy novel.


"Fans of Bridget Jones will love this. Brit rom-com at its finest." TotallyBooked Blog.

"I literally cried. I've never laughed so much at a book." Two Bookish Brits.

"Having read this book that I consider perfection, Charlotte Fallowfield has now become an automatic must read for me." Wrapped Up in Reading Blog.

"This is a story that I could easily see Richard Curtis wanting to make into a film." Robinson Reviews.

"I don't think I have laughed so hard with a book the way I laughed with this one." Escape to Reading.

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