Unsuitable Betrothal
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Unsuitable Betrothal by Joyce Alec

An unwanted betrothal leads to a mystery and love that nobody expected. Miss Hannah Seymour is utterly distraught. Believing that Lord Bentham cared for her, she is heartbroken to hear precisely the opposite. With her father’s threat hanging over her head, she finds herself thrust into a mystery surrounding Lord Bentham’s strange betrothal to a young lady of quality. Despite her own heartbreak, Hannah reluctantly agrees to help. Lord Bentham has never heard of his supposed bride! To find himself now expected to marry Miss Lewisham, he turns to his friends, ‘The Shadows’ for help. What he does not expect is to discover a rekindled affection for Miss Seymour and a sincere regret for his foolish ways. But will it all be too late? Will he have to marry Miss Lewisham? Or, will they find a way to break him free of his mysterious engagement in the hope that Miss Seymour will give him a second chance?
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Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the narrative takes place in the past. Historical books capture the particulars of the time as correctly as possible to get authenticities, such as societal norms, ways, habits, and traditions. Historical fiction is put in a real location during a culturally recognizable moment. The facts and the actions from the narrative can be a mixture of real occasions and ones in the writer's creativity as they fill in the gaps. Characters may be pure fiction or based on actual people. But what about them and their look and attitudes, how they talk, and issues that they face, everything which should match the era.

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