Unrequited Love
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Unrequited Love by Morgan James


True love never fades...

Amelia Hamilton has made a great life for herself over the past decade, and she doesn’t need any reminders of her past—especially not her ex-husband Jack. But her father’s sudden death turns her world upside down. A clause in his will stipulates she spend four weeks at Briarleigh Lodge & Resort, and she finds herself in the snowy hills of Montana to fulfill his last request.

But revenge runs deep in the shadows of Briarleigh, and someone wants Amelia gone—for good. Jack Prescott is stunned when his ex-wife stumbles upon his doorstep, and he can’t help but wonder… Has fate handed him a second chance to resolve this unrequited love?

Torn between past and present, neither could have predicted what the future would bring…

*Unrequited Love is book one of the Frozen in Time Trilogy. Books one and two contain a cliffhanger and should be read in order for maximum reading pleasure.

Book One - Unrequited Love

Book Two - Undeniable Love

Book Three - Unbreakable Love (March 2020)

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