Unexpected Love
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Unexpected Love by Elise Quinn Larson


Star quarterback scores in a Portland dance club fight! Has football's bad boy gone too far this time?

Reports and photos of Quinn Larson's latest barroom brawl hit the internet in minutes, reaching millions of fans who follow every move of the NFL's biggest star. Social media sites quickly add this story to the endless gossip about his wild parties, occasional fights, and countless one-night stands.

But the furor over Quinn's latest altercation does not sit well with members of the team's top brass, who believe the team's reputation is more valuable than any player--including their star quarterback. Quinn receives a direct order form the general manager: Disappear from the public eye and repair your image. Your career depends on it.

Given no choice, Quinn heads for his secluded cabin in the Tillamook State Forest, where he intends to disappear until the uproar settles down and the eyes of social media focus on someone else. It seems like a perfect plan--until he finds a mysterious intruder in the cabin.

No plan is perfect, as Jenna Sutton discovers when her car gets stuck on a muddy road near Tillamook, halting her desperate flight from a vicious abuser. An unoccupied cabin provides shelter from the winter storm, but her refuge is soon invaded by its formidable owner. Can she trust this man to protect her from further harm?

Drawn by Jenna's rare beauty, Quinn fights to keep her safe. But as his feelings for her grow stronger, can he resist the power of unexpected love?

Filled with suspense and slow-burn romance, Unexpected Love is Book 3 of the Larson Family Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone. Recommended for ages 18+ due to adult content, language, and sensitive issues.

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