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Undercover by Lolli Powell


Luke Savage is a DEA agent assigned to go undercover in a criminal organization that wants to expand its “business.” Bree Kelly is a local cop assigned to go undercover with him. She thinks he’s an arrogant sexist. He thinks she’s an irritating liability. Even worse, her current boyfriend is Luke’s old enemy from school.

Their cover? They have to pose as a loving couple—and they don’t even like one another.

The assignment could last for weeks or even months as they try to uncover their target’s plans and who the organization has on the inside of local government and police departments. The success of the assignment—and their lives—depend on them working together as partners. But can they trust one another even though they don’t like each other? Can they share an apartment for as long as necessary without killing one another?

And the biggest question of all—will the loving couple act stay an act?

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