Under the Same Roof
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Under the Same Roof by M.K. Lansbury


She’s a young doctor who loves the big city. He’s the young mayor of an infamous, remote Alaskan town. Can their attraction be a prescription to overcome long distance?

Life is turning out just as Phoebe had seemingly planned. She’s about to graduate from med school and has secured a plum posting at a top New York City clinic. But on Christmas Day she’s forced to take a small detour when she learns of her Aunt Betts’s death and must take a quick trip to her aunt’s quirky town, where she served as its long-time mayor, to oversee her final affairs.

Aldus is the new mayor of Whittier, Alaska, one of the most remote towns in the country. It has picturesque views and is known as “The Town Under the Same Roof”; the large majority of its 220 inhabitants all live in one building. Aldus strives to bring the town into the new century but a mysterious decision by its past mayor makes his task a difficult one.

There’s an instant attraction between Phoebe and Aldus but they deny it, knowing any romance won’t survive long distance as well as their pasts. Can a snowstorm keeping Phoebe in Whittier bridge the gap and bring them closer, or will it be a bitter pill that keeps them – and the town – divided?

Under the Same Roof is a sweet contemporary romance that explores the magic of small town life. If you like quirky and loveable characters, medical drama and a slow-burning romance that’ll warm your heart, then you’ll love M.K. Lansbury’s enchanting novel.

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