Under My Skin
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Under My Skin by Jamie Knight


I can't believe my old enemy is my new neighbor!

Handsome Jake was always so cocky in high school.
Then he went to play football at the state college.
While I moved on to a ritzy liberal arts school.
Now the pandemic has shut down both our campuses.
And we have to head back to our hometown.
We're shocked our moms are next door neighbors now.
But we're still determined to avoid each other.
Until broken plumping adds to our mishaps.
And we're forced into close quarters as housemates.
Soon I'm staring at six-pack abs,
as Jake makes his way to the shower.
And he seems to enjoy ogling my curves,
while I barbeque steak and add seasoning.
One little hate hookup never hurt things, right?
As long as we don't make up for good.

Are we just comforting each other in these hard times?
Or setting up a happily ever after we never imagined?

Under My Skin is a collection of three quarantine office romance books: Next Door Hater, D.I.L.F: Dad I'd Like to Fight and Bedside Manner.

Each book is a standalone and they all feature an older, experienced billionaire boss and his younger but feisty virgin assistant, trapped together during lockdown, with nothing to do but explore their pent up fantasies... and fall in love!

Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

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