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Trust by Casey Diam

Sometimes the only way to outrun your past is to run into it. Paige Nearly five years ago, my mom, dad, and sisters were assassinated. I should have died that night, and it still tortures me. I haven't been able to get close to anyone until I meet Caleb Connor, the last person I should trust. He’s tall, gorgeous, lethal, and everything I never dreamed of . . . until now. Caleb Paige is supposed to be an opportunity and my father’s next target. I should stay away, but no one has drawn me in more. I need Paige to get out from underneath my father’s thumb, but with each revelation comes a new question. Nothing is what it seems, and some secrets should stay buried, or people will die. Can Paige risk trusting Caleb, even if it means life or death? And how can he protect her when he's connected to everything she has grown to fear?
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New adult fiction is now a growing genre of fiction using protagonists in the 18-30 age bracket. In this genre, the publications are written for the age group of 18-30. New Adult is an emerging marketplace that attracts readers in their late teens and early twenties, which are too frequently missing from the pages of both Young Adult and Adult novels to the forefront. In this category, we generally saw some books on new situations and responsibilities that adults carry with them, how adults overcome their bad situations and some exciting stories that remind us about our adult phase.

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