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Triple Vegas Heat by Pepper Swan

What happens in Vegas... oh babe, it's positively sinful! I don't mind slinging drinks in a casino at night as long as I can learn rodeo skills from my gorgeous hunk of a trainer by day. But when my trainer comes on to me, and the two visiting cowboys offer me a challenge... How can I refuse? A girl can only deny herself, while she's reaching for her goal, for so long, and once that horse is out of the barn... well, there's no returning to normal, ever. I’ve been crushing on Dylan Chapman ever since our first lesson, with his perfectly ripped chest, smoldering deep chocolate eyes, and those manicured Vegas hands. We always kept things professional… until we didn’t. Chad Larson, a rodeo cowboy who can sweet talk a girl right out of her panties in just a few words, is not only too hot to ignore, but he’s also my biggest competitor. Blake Brown has the kind of whiskey colored eyes that make me woozy with one glance. He wears his jeans so low on his hips, it’s only by a force of nature they stay up at all, and his smile gets my heart racing to a point where I might actually swoon. I told myself I would never, ever fall for a rodeo cowboy, but when these three hotter-than-a-branding-iron sharpshooters surround me, all bets are off. I can’t help but get wrangled into their circle, and once I do, it’s positively sinful.
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