Triple Dare Heat
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Triple Dare Heat by Pepper Swan

My intention was to spend a little time with my favorite aunt in her small California town and lick my recent breakup wounds. But when she dares me to take charge of my crumbling life, I never expected her dare to include three gorgeous hunks and a career upgrade. After running my car off an unfamiliar road late at night, in the middle of a rain storm, and getting rescued by possibly the most enticing sheriff I’d ever met, I had little choice but to accept his generous offer of his guestroom, and a visit from the town’s only doctor. My aunt, who owns the local tavern, shows up less than 24 hours later to take me to her house, but the doctor insists I stay put for a few more days. When that same aunt dares me to make the most of this alluring situation, I gladly take up the challenge. Sheriff Trace Lansing, the soft-spoken, rugged giant with a hard body made for sin. Doc Austin, a kind and capable man, with a bedside manner that leaves me breathless. Cory Martin, the delicious muscle-bound sheriff’s deputy, who can charm me right out of my panties with his killer smile. After a steamy encounter with two of these gorgeous men, who dare me to do things I never dreamt possible, my aunt hands me an offer I reluctantly accept. Soon I move into an apartment in town to take over her business. With a little encouragement from my three new lovers, I just might be able to pull this off and stick around longer than I ever expected… or will I?
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