Trapped with the Mob Boss
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I kidnapped her to break her. Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. YURI In this business, you cannot afford to lose control. No emotions. No weakness. I’ve worked too damn hard building my mob empire to let one feisty little girl ruin everything. But Bella refuses to fall in line. I’ve pushed my prisoner to her limits, and yet she will. Not. Break. She takes every savage kiss… Every cruel touch… And asks me if that’s all I have to offer. Breaking her down will require breaking a rule of my own: Never, ever fall in love. But when Bella’s senator father doesn’t follow orders like we expect, things get more complicated. I’ll need her help to take my rightful place on the throne of the city. And more time with her by my side means unleashing something inside me that cannot be contained again. As our fates become entwined, betrayal barrels towards us. I’m forced to make an impossible choice: Do I follow my destiny to become the mob boss I was raised to be? Or do I sacrifice everything to save the woman who has stolen my heart? * * * A Russian mob boss kidnaps a senator’s daughter in this full-length, standalone, bad boy mafia romance from author Nicole Fox. Bella unleashes passion in Yuri that he never knew he had. Can they have a future together? Or will their dark secrets drive them apart for good? Find out in Trapped with the Mob Boss.
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Dark fiction is just another term for horror; a fiction genre concerned with dread, death, and also the menacing side of human character. This isn't limited to written literature but encompasses a broad body of popular media, such as movies and television shows. Though such fiction isn't appropriate for all tastes, authors of horror maintain their work discusses important elements of the human experience. The term dark fiction is occasionally utilized to differentiate individual stories from the mainstream horror genre. These tales might be less fantasy-oriented than many horror fictions and comprise subtler emotional results. If you're a horror story lover, then you should add this particular genre to your reading list.

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