Trailing the Hunter
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Trailing the Hunter by Heidi Eljarbo


Opposition, courage, and determination.
Not the most pleasing qualities for a young, eligible woman.
But to some, her strength could mean life or death.

1661 in Norway.
Clara Dahl has made a decision. She has seen the dread and sorrow witch-finder Angus Hill has caused in her hometown and sets out to find him. Her goal is to fight the wrongful and wicked misconceptions about witch hunting. But the witch-finder's influence is strong. How can she warn the villagers of something they don't understand?

Clara's heartfelt desire is to protect and rescue the women who are in danger without causing more harm. As Clara develops secret plots to thwart the plans of the notorious witch-finder and works to help the villagers, she finds friendship and the possibility of true love.

From the bestselling author of Catching a Witch comes the continuing story of a brave, unwavering woman who defends the innocent. Set during a tumultuous time in history, Trailing the Hunter will captivate readers.Perfect for fans of Kate Morton, Kristin Hannah, Lucinda, Riley, and Deborah Swift.  

"A spellbinder from the very beginning.
Eljarbo's sound historical research is evident and impressive."
-- Gus A. Mellander, Ph. D., D.H.L.

"Excellent research and stunning writing."
-- Pauline Isaksen, author of Dying for Justice

"She captures so eloquently the dark side of human nature born from family instability
as well as the light that shines so brightly in those who care so deeply about others."
-- Linnea Shaw

"Ms. Eljarbo's words come alive on the page."
-- Jana Pawlowski

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