Touch of Magic
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Touch of Magic by Stella Rainbow


A mage without magic. A dying human. A squirrel intent on setting them up.


I've lived my whole life with a terminal illness, knowing I'd never be "normal." I basically just existed, one day at a time with my dog as my sole, faithful companion. Then one day, Fate intervened and an encounter with a beautiful man gave me something I'd never had before: Hope.

Could I really have the life I never thought I would have? Could I have all the things I'd only ever dreamed of having?

Health, happiness, a full


I was always the black sheep of the family, the mage with faulty magic. I'd lived for a hundred and fifty years being taunted and put down, and I'd had to take it all with a smile.

When I'd finally had enough, I left my home in Ravenshire and moved to Mistvale. Fate intervened when I was least expecting it and a chance encounter with a beautiful man tipped my world on its axis, and I discovered things I hadn't known about myself.

Could Jai really be the answer to all my questions?

Touch of Magic is a 70k words story including a goofy mage, a human who believes in magic, a squirrel intent on setting them up and a best friend who will threaten anyone who tried to hurt his bestie. it's the first book in the Mages of Ravenshire series. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read them in order for the most enjoyment.

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