Touch Me: A Sexy Romantic Comedy (Stilettos and Secrets Book 1)

Dress in a sexy disguise and spend one night with my childhood crush.

. . . It seemed like a good idea at the time. . .

Now that I’ve moved a thousand miles away from my cheating ex-fiancé, I can finally focus on the important things in my life. . . my stunning stiletto collection, fun times with my best friend, and dressing in a sexy disguise so I can meet guys.

Umm, what? Yep that’s me. . . Jane the crazy lady! You see, it’s a dare. And it started because of my fear of dating again. But it turns out that fixing my problem with dating was easy. Just put me in a sexy disguise, give me the pretend name of Memphis, and dare me to do something totally nuts. But never in my wildest dreams did I picture the men I’d meet. Things don’t always go to plan though, and my hilariously, horny romps prove to be as steamy as they are fun.

Now just like many other single twenty-nine-year-old women, I’ve been dreaming of finding the perfect man for years, but I never imagined my sexy disguise would introduce me to more than one. But there’s one teeny problem. When I finally meet the man of my dreams, how do I step out from my secret identity and reveal who I really am?

My crazy challenge is suddenly the worst idea of my life.

Am I destined to end the year exactly how I started? Single!

**Warning: This book contains laugh-out-loud scenes, hot sex and naughty language. . . don’t say you weren’t warned. It's time to settle in and get comfy.

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