To Love Honor and Defy

To Love Honor and Defy by Aarti V Raman


A secret prince. A feisty commoner. A passion that defies danger…

Sasha is an aspiring teacher and a sunny waitress in the Bronx.

She has a crush on the tall, blond, and dangerous customer who sits in her booth.

What Sasha doesn’t know about her crush is about to get her killed.

Fact One: he is a lethally capable ex-soldier.

Fact Two: he is a secret Prince.

Fact Three: he is not used to the word no.  

When soldier Prince Alexander 'Iceman' sweeps Sasha off on his private plane back to his castle for her own protection, she has no choice but to go with him.

She has even less choice about wanting her tortured, forbidden protector.

She defiantly believes in fairytales and happy ever afters, no matter what Alexander, and common sense, warn her.

Unfortunately, with an unknown enemy placing Sasha square in their sights, Alexander’s time with Sasha in his bed and his life, is running out…

To Love Honor and Defy is a novel of high octane military romantic suspense with oodles of angst, danger, and heat between a ray of sunshine strong heroine and the tortured grumpy hero who has to save her! 

Meet Her Mercenary Protector – a series of interconnected military romantic suspense novels set around the world, each of which can be read as a standalone.

I hope you might be surprised to know that Suspense isn't a genre in and of itself since it is a category that includes mystery, thriller, as well as some horror books. That novels which have a suspense story comes beneath the suspense group. If you're like to read novels that give you Suspense, then this category is right for you. To put it differently, if we discuss Suspense, then Suspense is a condition of psychological uncertainty, stress, being undecided, or being doubtful. At a dramatic function, Suspense is your expectation of the results of a plot or the remedy to a doubt, mystery, or puzzle, especially as it impacts a personality for whom you have sympathy.

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