Tithed to the Fae
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Tithed to the Fae by Zoe Chant


“We must mate. It is the only way I can protect you. We must mate now, before I am next challenged.”

Animal rescue worker Tamsin has never needed anyone to defend her. Until, that is, she's tricked into following a stray dog through a magic portal into a realm straight out of fairytales. Armed only with her wits and a deeply unimpressed Pomeranian, she’s got no chance of escaping this strange, dangerous place… at least, not alone.

In Cuan’s world, shifters are scorned by the nobility, treated as barely more than animals. With his phouka shapeshifter heritage, warrior Cuan can transform into both stallion and wolf - but he keeps his true self hidden, ashamed of his bestial blood. One look at Tamsin though, and he’s stepping out of the shadows with swords drawn and fangs bared. This fearless, fascinating human woman is his fated mate, and his whole soul is hers from the moment their eyes meet.

There’s only one way Cuan can keep Tamsin safe from the dangers of this realm - claim her as his own, placing her under his protection. He fears she can never accept a bond with a beast, but Tamsin knows it would be all too easy to love this gentle, chivalrous shifter warrior… and that’s the problem.

Because if she gives her heart to her fated mate, she can never go home…

Shifter romance with a twist! Blending fated mates and portal fantasy, Tithed to the Fae is a spicy, heartwarming romance between a shifter who thinks he's a monster and a strong, mature heroine who's no damsel-in-distress.

Set in the same universe as Zoe Chant's popular Fire & Rescue Shifters, Mythic Mates has the same blend of thrilling action, laugh-out-loud humor, and a guaranteed happy-ever-after. Each book is a standalone romance featuring a new couple, but the series should be read in order as there is an overarching plot.

Note: This book does not contain dark themes. The romance is entirely, enthusiastically consensual and the heroine is never intimidated by the hero. The villain does not threaten her with SA or physical harm at any point.

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