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Time Shattering by Cathy Peper

Tori thought her life couldn’t get any worse. Fired from her job as a violin teacher, kicked out of her apartment, and forced to move without any notice, she’s desperate for a lifeline. When a friend gives her a mysterious crystal necklace, she has no idea how jewelry can solve her troubles. But as soon as she puts it on she finds herself transported into the choppy waters of the Mississippi. As she's pulled to safety by a handsome keelboat captain named Sebastien, the true power of the sparkling necklace becomes clear. She's not just waterlogged, but she's somehow traveled through time to the year 1811. As they head downriver, Sebastien reluctantly allows her to stay onboard as she adjusts to life in the past. While she's desperate to return to the modern conveniences of the present, she finds herself drawn to the integrity and charm of her rescuer. Just when she begins to fall for her captain, she realizes something tragic is on its way. The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 are about to strike and everyone onboard is in grave danger. Tori knows that escaping the devastation could take her away from the man of her destiny. When her captain's enemy conspires to keep her trapped in the past, will she fight for survival or take her chances with love? Earth Shattering is the first book in the Blue Crystal Time Travel fantasy romance series. If you like sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, and time travel, you’ll love Cathy Peper’s dramatic historical fantasy books. Buy Earth Shattering and get transported to an era of romance and danger today!
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