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Ticket to Tomorrow by Carol Cox

Romance and intrigue collide at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair-- Annie Trenton has two goals when she travels to the dazzling White City... First and foremost, she is determined to see her late husband Will's genius recognized by displaying his last invention, a horseless carriage, at the great exposition. She arrives in Chicago with Will's absent-minded partner, Silas Crockett, thrilled at the idea that millions of fairgoers will be able to see and admire their innovative creation. Secondly, she hopes to heal the breach between herself and her in-laws. Sorrow over being the reason for the estrangement between Will and his parents has haunted her ever since his death. Her plans never included feeling an attraction to Nick Rutherford--Silas's handsome nephew who is a performer with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... ...or learning that her in-laws are scheming to steal the rights to Will's invention... ...or an innocent mix-up at the station that will throw her, Nick, and Silas into a world of deceptions, conspiracies, and danger. When Annie's keen powers of observation threaten to expose a devious international plot to gain Cuba's independence, more than her exhibition plans hang in the balance. Will Annie be able to uncover the truth before disaster strikes ? Ticket to Tomorrow is the first book in Carol Cox's A FAIR TO REMEMBER, a three-book series set during an extraordinary moment in American history. Step into the beauty, wonder...and danger of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.
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