Thug Kisses
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Thug Kisses by Danielle Marcus

Thug Kisses by Best Selling African American Author Danielle Marcus LOVE Chanel has never been one to accept mediocrity. She’s a woman who requires the best that life has to offer and will do anything to ensure that the “Best” belongs to her. From plotting and scheming to lying and using her feminine assets, Chanel goes for what she wants by any and all means. When she scores Devonaire Jones as her husband, she is certain that she’s landed her meal ticket to a life of luxury. However, being the wife of a hustler isn’t all it’s portrayed to be and sometimes the dishes served can be hell on your plate. LIES When Chanel learns that although she has the ring and the papers Devonaire is not completely hers, it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth and makes her thirst for more. Her thirst combined with the lonely nights and having to deal with random women eventually push Chanel over the edge and right into the arms of another man. DECEIT Dom is young, sexy and cocky; the perfect concoction to keep Chanel’s mind off her problems. Dom takes Chanel to the highest level of ecstasy when they’re together and leaves her yearning for more whenever they’re apart. Chanel soon finds herself confusing lust for love and breaking the very rules she put in place. What happens when her stolen moments with Dom turn deadly? When her plots and schemes backfire? When life as she knows it, becomes a living Hell? Will Chanel be able to regain control or will she lose everything, including her life? * * * Thug Kisses will warp you into each character’s reality – from the lies and deceit to the drama that follows. Cole Hart presents this sizzling urban love story by African-American bestselling author Danielle Marcus that will take you on an emotionally turbulent ride and leave your head spinning. Find out what happens when a woman known for taking what she wants discovers the power, pain and threat behind “Thug Kisses”.
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