Three in a Blizzard
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Three in a Blizzard by Mia Masters

I'm stuck in a small cabin with two big, hot lumberjacks.
There's too much snow and not enough blankets!
The three of us will have to keep each other warm.

I'm in search of a job opportunity when I take a wrong turn in the mountains. When a blizzard hits and my car is destroyed, all I can do is go to a nearby cabin for help.
Ash and Jim are hot lumberjacks who take me in and offer me a position with their furniture company. These two manly men know how to live off the land. Their hard work has given them strong muscles, endurance, and incredibly handsome bodies!
As the snow piles up around us, my two craftsmen bosses offer to show me how good they are with their hands. It turns out they're a gay couple but they're looking for a woman's touch. 
Our chemistry is hot enough to warm up this cold mountain home, so it sounds incredibly tempting! But after my ex cheated on me, it's hard for me to trust. And I don't want to come between a committed couple. 
But how can I resist properly thanking the men who saved me? And what else are we going to do while waiting for the snow to stop?

Is it possible to just have a temporary and purely physical fling while we're snowed in? Or are the emotions piling up so high that this might be a permanent arrangement for all three of us?
I thought my life was over when I got stuck on this closed-off mountain road. 
But maybe it's just beginning, if I can warm up to the idea of letting true love in.

Three in a Blizzard is a bisexual menage with m/m, m/f and m/m/f action and romance. It's part of Three in Love, a series that contains standalone books connected by theme. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating. And it has a happily ever after served with plenty of heat to keep you warm all winter long!
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