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Thor by JC Andrijeski


He appeared out of nowhere - naked, blue-eyed, flickering with blue and white light, a silver hammer perched on one muscular shoulder.

When he walked out of the bar without a word, I, Silvia Hope, thought I’d never see him again. Naked cosplay? Drunken dare? I figured I’d never know. Until, on my walk home, there he is again, fighting with another guy in the park by my house.

Then the lightning starts, the glowing eyes, and the guy he’s fighting seems to transform into a giant snake.

I start wondering if someone dosed me in that bar. Still, I take Thor home, where he tells me he’s a god. Oh, and thanks to a Dragon God named Jörmungandr, I have some kind of magic object embedded in my throat, and there’s a good chance I’ll die if someone can’t fix me, fast. So that’s neat.

Meanwhile, Thor stares at me a lot, and man, can that guy stare. It’s really not fair, that stare, especially with those eyes.

I know it’ll never work. I mean, he’s a god, I’m a tech nerd who can barely make rent. Then there’s that whole, I’ll-probably-die thing, thanks to his crazy Asgardian family. But we keep getting thrown together as he tries to save my life, and it’s getting harder to pretend the only sparks between us are coming from his hammer.


THOR is the first book in Gods on Earth, a paranormal romance and urban fantasy series by USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author, JC Andrijeski. It’s ideal for people who want a light romp to Asgard, naked gods appearing magically in their local bars, and a dose of wicked trickster games.

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