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This Changes Everything by Jennifer Ashley

See that gorgeous guy over there? Standing behind his brother at the altar, best man while I’m maid of honor. Zach McLaughlin. He was my first love. Hot, enticing, out of reach. Now he’s back in my life, the two of us reconnecting when my best friend marries his brother. I haven’t seen Zach for years, now he’s next to me, irresistible in his tux. He looks at me with his sweet blue eyes, and his mouth quirks just a little. Enough to show me he’s noticing me, and wondering how we’ll get through this. I’ll try to keep it casual, but I know inside that seeing Zach after all these years ... is going to change everything. Book One of the McLaughlin Brothers Note to readers: The McLaughlin Brothers are light, fun, humorous, short, feel-good romances. Meet the four McLaughlins: Ryan, Zach, Ben, and Austin, who will do anything for each other, and their spirited heroines: Calandra, Abby, Erin, and Brooke. Enjoy!
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