Third Chapter, Second Chance
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Third Chapter, Second Chance by Geraldine Helen Hartman

Third Chapter, Second Chance (A midlife romance that will inspire you to dream: "big dreams" once again.)Life CAN begin at 40, if we want it too. It's never too late to start over or to fall in love! By the time most women reach their forties and fifties, they've stacked up quite a few accomplishments, along with the inevitable regrets, what-if's and might-have-beens. The lure and appeal of a second chance at this time in life is a delicious possibility to contemplate, even if only as a passing thought or occasional dream. For Samantha Berringer, that mid-life, second chance is about to become a reality at forty-five and in a big way. In short order, she leaves behind Hainesville, Alberta and a five-year relationship that's been going nowhere, to relocate to the small coastal town of Sunnydale, BC on Vancouver Island. Little does she know just how many dreams that are about to come true, including: a fabulous business opportunity, new friends and best of all, romance with a visitor from the past who arrives when least expected. Back in Hainesville, Samantha's long-time friend, Eve Vincent also has some big changes on the horizon. At fifty-one, Eve embarks on a major makeover and finally gains the confidence to feel that anything is possible again, including a new relationship with Tom Petchko. The man she has yearned for secretly for many years and who also happens to be Samantha's former partner. A story filled with midlife "go for it" moments, unforgettable characters and all kinds of new beginnings that prove, it's never too late!
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