The Yuletide Brides
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The Yuletide Brides by Glynnis Campbell

AI-FREE! 100% certified organic author-created content. No artificial intelligence was used in the making of this book. A very special collection of four holiday novellas set in the world of historical Scotland, spanning the centuries with yuletide cheer and heartwarming romance. Stories to snuggle up with on a cold winter's night! A YULETIDE KISS A half-Viking shieldmaiden has until Yuletide to choose a bridegroom…or one will be chosen for her. A RIVENLOCH CHRISTMAS A medieval clan reunion turns into a desperate search for three missing lasses as impetuous and daring as their warrior mothers. THE HANDFASTING A French knight betrothed to a Highland heiress falls in love with his spirited bride, then realizes he's married the wrong sister. THE STOWAWAY A notorious Scottish rake, scuttled aboard a ship bound for America, has to rely on a spirited young botanist to restore his good name. Plus a free gift exclusively for you... SEASON'S SWEETINGS A book of Christmas cookie recipes from some of your favorite historical romance authors—delightful goodies to make your holidays a little sweeter! More Historical Romances by Glynnis Campbell The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch THE SHIPWRECK (a novella) A YULETIDE KISS (a short story) LADY DANGER CAPTIVE HEART KNIGHT'S PRIZE The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch THE STORMING (a novella) A RIVENLOCH CHRISTMAS (a short story) BRIDE OF FIRE BRIDE OF ICE BRIDE OF MIST The Knights of de Ware THE HANDFASTING (a novella) MY CHAMPION MY WARRIOR MY HERO Medieval Outlaws THE REIVER (a novella) DANGER'S KISS PASSION'S EXILE DESIRE'S RANSOM Scottish Lasses THE OUTCAST (a novella) MacFARLAND'S LASS MacADAM'S LASS MacKENZIE'S LASS California Legends THE STOWAWAY (a novella) NATIVE GOLD NATIVE WOLF NATIVE HAWK
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