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The Wrong Brother by Bree Wolf

Bookish LADY ISABELLA CARRINGTON has always favored her mind over her heart. After all, love is nothing but a fairy tale. No, Isabella will not be fooled by dashing smiles and charming words. If she must marry, only a true gentleman will do. Someone kind and honest and most of all dependable. Her choice falls on her good friend Charles Dashwood. ROBERT DASHWOOD, VISCOUNT NORWOOD, has run as far from London as his feet would carry him. While it was fun to chase the ladies of London, earning him the dark moniker Notorious Norwood, Robert feels far more at home traveling the world than attending tedious balls. The only reason he returns to English soil now is to attend his twin brother’s wedding. Isabella has only ever heard of Charles’s notorious twin; however, when their eyes meet on her wedding day, sparks fly she never would have thought possible. All of a sudden, her heart overrules her mind and all she wants is that blasted fairy tale she never dared believe in. Robert never even contemplated the idea of marriage; however, the moment he lays eyes on his brother’s bride, Robert is struck by her keen wit and gentle kindness. He glimpses the same spark for adventure in her eyes that has led him all over the world and, from one second to the next, he can no longer imagine traveling without her by his side. "This was such an amazing story with fabulous characters. It was so easy to read and follow and I just loved every moment of this first novella in this series and am very happy to recommend it to you." - Zena, AMAZON REVIEW "This was a clean historical romance that has lots happening in a short span. I would recommend this book and tell you to remember it is a fiction novella - ENJOY!" - Vicky from Wyoming, AMAZON REVIEW "I enjoyed reading this story of twin brothers. One twin marries the lady who matches him perfectly and one falls in love with his brother's lady bride he just met at their wedding ceremony. Read this book to find out who won the lady." - Marlene R., AMAZON REVIEW
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