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The Gold Rush was a man’s world. But some women were born to break the rules. Yukon Territories, 1898: When circus sharpshooter Sophia Bellerose flees heartbreak in search of a new life, she doesn’t intend to land work in a Yukon brothel. But who's she to refuse that kind of cash—or the freedom that comes with it? Besides, the remote wilds of Canada’s Far North are the perfect place to bury old heartbreaks. Up there, memories are short, days are long, and gold dust flows freely for any woman bold enough to make the trip. Even better? Sophia gets to keep her guns. Then, when the warmth of her newfound sisterhood begins to thaw her icy heart, Sophia wonders if she’s stumbled across the perfect life—until she clashes with the local Reverend, whose angel face hides a dangerously devious mind. Not only is he conning the whole town, he’s after both the brothel and her, though she can't tell if his interest is just another clever ploy to gain control of her earnings. Determined to preserve her newfound freedom—and ignore the Reverend’s devastating kissing in the process—Sophia unholsters her revolvers and takes aim, ready to do whatever it takes to keep her new life in one piece.