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The Wedding Pact Box Set by Denise Grover Swank

Box set featuring the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Wedding Pact series. Three hilarious happily-ever-after, full-length books, and a follow up short story. A childhood pact that turned into a curse. Hilarious rom com series featuring three best friends and their wedding disasters. THE SUBSTITUTE After Megan discovers her fiancé cheating, she calls off the wedding… only she hasn’t told her mother, and it’s four days before the wedding. She gets drunk on the plane ride home and spills her guts to the horrified, yet cute passenger next to her. When the plane lands, the flight attendant threatens to have Megan arrested if she can’t walk off the plane, so what’s a nice guy like Josh supposed to do? He helps the woman out, but when he has to carry her through the terminal, he tells the worried onlookers that she’s his fiancée. Only he hadn’t planned on her family hearing him, and now he’s the substitute groom. THE PLAYER Blair has always had a plan, and now she has the chance to make partner at her law firm… as long as she’s gets married. Not a problem since she and her long-term boyfriend have been talking marriage. Only she had no idea her boyfriend’s cousin was her one true love from law school—the player who broke her heart. Garrett totally screwed up when he left Blair, but now that fate had put her in his path, he’ll do ANYTHING to win her back. Even if he stops her wedding. THE GAMBLER Libby was the only one to take the Wedding Pact curse seriously, so she’s planning a wedding to a man she doesn’t really love, counting on her Prince Charming to save her. Only when she’s at the altar and he hasn’t come, she realizes she needs to save herself. Noah was a charmer who never lacked for women in his bed, so becoming best friends with Libby was totally out of character. But as her wedding grows closer, he realizes that Libby’s not only his best friend—she’s the love of his life. When he tries to stop her wedding, fate intervenes, but now he has the chance to prove to Libby they belong together. Will she take a gamble on love?
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