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The Watcher by Sophia North

A beautiful therapist has a new client. A handsome man with an air of danger... Except, what if he wasn't? A man that is, but rather a vampire in need of her help. Can the good doctor handle the heat? Or will vampire therapy be too much to take... Dr. Simone Radcliffe appears to have it all. Adored by her hit talk-radio show fans, the toast of London's high psychiatry set......brains, beauty. But what if all that glitters is nothing more than Fool's gold? Simone may have it all, but the truth is...she's utterly miserable...lost even. Almost thirty, and wondering if her life is on the right path, Simone's dissatisfaction is keeping her up nights. Alone. The Rocky Road ice cream she regularly consumes is clearly a metaphor on the state of her love life. No, things aren't looking particularly rosy for the good doctor as the big 3-0 looms. Until... Tall, dark and dangerous waltzes through her door and blows her mind. He claims he's immortal...that there is more to this world - a great danger is coming. Oh dear. Handsome, but mad as a Hatter. There's always a catch, isn't there? Poor Dr. Radcliffe. Medical school did not quite prepare her for this! Will Simone give in to Dante's inferno, or do the sensible thing and run screaming for the hills?
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