The Ultimate Clara Andrews Box Set
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The Clara Andrews series takes us on a journey through the minefields of dating, wedding-day nerves, motherhood, Barbados, America, Mykonos and beyond.

Join Clara as she finds herself landing in and out of trouble, re-affirming friendships, discovering truths and uncovering secrets.

Included in this bumper box set - Books 1 - 11

Book One - Meet Clara Andrews
Book Two - Clara Meets the Parents
Book Three - Meet Clara Morgan
Book Four - Clara at Christmas
Book Five - Meet Baby Morgan
Book Six - Clara in the Caribbean
Book Seven - Clara in America
Book Eight - Clara in the Middle
Book Nine - Clara's Last Christmas
Book Ten - Clara Bounces Back
Book Eleven - Clara's Greek Adventure


"Lacey London has achieved what other authors struggle to do by keeping the reader hooked!"

"There is a true art to writing a series of books that just keep getting better and Lacey definitely has it."

"Reading this book is like having your best friend right there next to you..."

“Every so often you stumble upon an author where you can't get enough of their books and Lacey London is that author.”

“I just love Lacey London's writing style and humour!”

“Funny, romantic, silly and the characters are out of this world.”

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