The Token Series
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The Token Series by Marata Eros


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A #1 Amazon Bestselling Interracial Romance series.

Readers:" ...Brilliantly DARK and shockingly RAW The Token will leave you BREATHLESS..."

" ... a WICKEDLY smart plot that SEDUCES you from the very beginning ..."

From New York Times, USA Today and #1 Interracial Romance bestseller Marata Eros, comes an original billionaire romance about first love, betrayal and loss.

Faren Mitchell is everyone's favorite physical therapist.





Underneath the self-sacrificing brave front that everyone admires, is a woman who understands the terrible sacrifice she'll make for those Faren loves--namely, her mother--as the horrific secret of her past chases her.

Until she meets Jared McKenna, who gives her~

A reason to live.

To hope.

To love.

Jared McKenna is everyone's hated billionaire.




Premier flesh club owner.

This billionaire can have any woman. He has. When he runs into Faren Mitchel with his Harley, tenderness awakens, along with Mick's typical indifference.

But Faren can't admit she's working at one of Mick's strip clubs--or--that she has months to live. Faren believes she needs money more than she needs love.

When the psychopath from her past catches up with Faren, she's forced to be honest with Mick.

Will her confession come too late to save her: Save them?

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