The Time Gatherer
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The Time Gatherer by Rachel Dacus


He’s a time-traveler hunted by enemies from the future. She’s a 17th century artist who can’t afford romance. Their meeting turns history upside-down, but can it give their love a future?

When George St. James discovers his genetic talent for time travel, he first uses it to follow a 1960s rock band, but he learns quickly that scientists from the 23rd century are targeting those with the gene. His time trainer shows him how to stay safe while timegathering and coming into adulthood.

Becoming a historian is a snap, and life gets serious for George as he aims for a career teaching and writing. When research for an article takes him to Renaissance Italy, he faces a new danger – falling in love in the wrong century.

When dazzlingly beautiful Elisabetta Sirani opens her door, she finds a handsome young troubadour who sings to her of tragic love. He bears a portrait commission from an esteemed Italian family, one she can’t refuse. Nor does she want to, as troubadour Giorgio charms his way into her studio and soon into her heart. But as her family’s breadwinner, love and marriage are forbidden to her.

George has so far avoided his enemies, but he has no defense against this sudden pull to the beautiful, talented painter who lives in another age. But he knows she’s doomed to die early, and soon, unless he can alter history.

Can George save Elisabetta? It would mean changing the past -- but he has to try, even if their love ends by erasing his future.

A heart-melting story of love prevailing over time.


“Rachel Dacus deftly crafts a unique and spellbinding twist to the time-traveling adventure that’s perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon.” -- Kerry Lonsdale, Wall .Street Journal bestselling author.

“I love Rachel Dacus’s time travel books, and this might even be my favorite.” ~ Diane Byington, Author of If She Had Stayed

“A great time traveling story!” – Reader

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