The Tillman Crush

The Tillman Crush by Kelly Gendron



It took ten seconds to fall for her, one accident to lose her, and seven years to get back to her.  



Britt Tillman was a jerk.

Yet I was forced to tolerate him.

Our parents were best friends.

I’m not sure if I hated him or if I secretly wanted him.

Then Britt kissed me.

He growled when his mouth touched mine.

His lips were soft. His hold was firm.

The next day, he vanished. 

After seven years, he’s back with a sexy smile, flirty eyes, and jacked muscles.

Not that I care.

Let him slather on the charm.

I won’t give in to The Tillman Crush.  

Not this time.



Sadie Holland. Beautiful. Smart.

The untouchable girl next door.

Growing up, I wanted her.

To keep her at a safe distance, I was mean to her.

Then, the accident happened.

With my mom gone, my father turned to the bottle.

So I left town the first chance I got.

Now, I’m back and not just for Sadie.

The other thing I want.

Well, the girl I came back for might not like it.

Still, I won’t stop until I get what I want.

Not this time.  

USA Today Bestselling Author, Kelly Gendron now brings you a Steamy Small Town Contemporary HEA Romance!

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