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The Sweet Taste of Sin by Ember Casey

Never trust a bad boy with your heart. Especially when that bad boy is one of Hollywood's notorious Fontaine brothers... To the rest of the world, Dante is Hollywood royalty, the ridiculously attractive oldest son of the notorious Fontaine family. To me? He's the guy who made me swear off men forever. I just want to move on with my life. Run my bakery. Heal my broken heart. I've had three years to try and forget about Dante Fontaine. (Spoiler alert: it hasn't worked.) But when an accidental--and seriously humiliating--encounter brings him back into my life, I'm forced to realize that no matter how hard I've tried to forget him, Dante definitely hasn't forgotten me. …and this time, I don't think he's going to let me go. MEET THE FONTAINES: Hollywood royalty. LA's most notorious bad boys. Permanent stars of the tabloids. And the wickedest, most devilish lovers around...
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