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The Stepmother by Caroline Lee

Between the witch and the rescue, the lost princess had two loving parents...This is their Happily Ever After. There's a Guild of Godmothers in Everland, Wyoming, and they're prepared to meddle. They can't stand the thought of handsome, newly arrived Doctor Jack Carpenter raising his precious little daughter all by himself, and they're determined to find him a suitable wife. Luckily, they know just how to do it: take out an advertisement in a Mail-Order Bride catalog, and make sure that the perfect candidate sees it. Too bad they didn't mention the plan to Jack first. Meri Almassy is desperate for two things: to marry a doctor, and to get away from the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, which is full of...bad memories. As a respectable doctor's wife in the quaint-sounding town of Everland, she'll be free to practice her own medicine, helping the women and children in the area. It's an ideal solution, and she happily heads west to become Mrs. Jack Carpenter. But "Jack Carpenter" isn't really his name, and he's got a history in prison no gently-bred young woman should know about. Jack is fighting his own past and he's determined to protect his daughter and his heart--at all costs. Are Meri's dreams of a medical partnership and a Happily Ever After with her new family going to be more than this skittish father can handle?
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