The Stationmaster’s Cottage
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The Stationmaster’s Cottage by Phillipa Nefri Clark


The jetty is old and rickety. Here, love had blossomed and love had shattered into pieces. A heartbroken man kept his promise to wait. All for nothing.

And now, fifty years on, a young woman seeks a new beginning...

The funeral of her last family member brings Christie to the seaside town of River's End, far from her city life. Inheriting a rundown cottage is yet another problem to deal with until the discovery of a shoebox of memories draws her into an old family mystery.

Reclusive artist, Martin has no interest in helping the beautiful stranger when she comes to him with questions. The past is too painful to revisit and Christie's theories about unopened love letters is too close to the truth. As much as he's drawn to her, she doesn't belong here.

Some secrets refuse to stay hidden but solving the mystery will tear apart everything Christie knows about herself. The jetty holds one final key to the past...if she can only get there in time.

The Stationmaster's Cottage will sweep you to the past and back with a love story to fill your heart and a mystery to thrill your mind.

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Recommended reading order:

The Stationmaster's Cottage
Jasmine Sea
The Secrets of Palmerston House
The Christmas Key

In addition there are two short companion stories which can be read before or after The Stationmaster's Cottage:

Taming the Wind (how Thomas and Martha met)

Martha (the missing years)
The Charlotte Dean Mysteries is a spin-off series. Charlotte appears in Jasmine Sea and eventually has her own stories. All of Phillipa's books are shown on her author page.

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