The Star Trilogy
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The Star Trilogy by Arianne Richmonde


Two "reformed" Hollywood stars.
And one hell of a war of wills.

Movie director Jake Wild lives up to his name. A dangerously sexy playboy, he's used to getting any woman he wants when he wants. Until he meets his nemesis: the beautiful, equally notorious Star Davis.

Ready to leave behind her party-girl ways and set to play the lead in his new film, Star doesn’t expect to fall for the charms of her director. And the last thing Jake wants—or needs—is for his life to spiral out of control.

Two beautiful misfits have met their match.

A match that lights a bonfire...

From the Hollywood Hills to the grasslands of Africa, the epic Star Trilogy takes you on a thrilling journey shrouded in secrets, masked by betrayal, and with unforeseen twists and turns that will make you question whose side you're on.

Lights . . .

Camera . . .

Action . . .

Fasten your seat belt . . . you're in for a Wild ride.

What people are saying about THE STAR TRILOGY:

"I loved every page of this steamy and suspenseful Hollywood Romance. Jake Wild is hot! Arianne gives us another winner!" --New York Times bestselling author Nelle l'Amour

A HOT HOT read filled with sexual tension, uncertainty, and suspense!!"
--Kawehi Book Reviews

"Holy hotness. Move over Gideon and Eva. The shower scene in this book is the sexiest I've ever read"
- Hot Heroes Books.

"These two have some SERIOUS chemistry going on. True to Arianne style, this book is full of unexpected twists. Just when you think that maybe the muddled waters will clear, another handful of mud is thrown in. You just don't know what is going to happen. Events will surprise the hell out of you and will leave you shaking your head."
--Cover To Cover Book Reviews

"I HIGHLY recommend any of Arianne Richmonde's books. She is a FANTASTIC author. So, if you have not read any of her books, grab one, read it, and find out for yourselves just why I'm such a HUGE FAN!"
--Swept Away By Romance

"The sexual tension in this book is scorching."
--Fairest Of All Book Reviews

"Sexy, thrilling, and nail-bitingly suspenseful. Shrouded in secrets, masked by betrayal, and with unforeseen twists and turns that will make you question whose side you're on. Loved every word."
-- Layla's Book Reviews

This is a standalone series with NO CLIFFHANGER.

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