The Serenity Bay Series Box Set

Fall in love with the heroes of Serenity Bay. If you enjoy small town, beach romances with swoon-worthy heroes, then this box set of FIVE stories is for you! 

Reclaiming Her Heart - 
A single mom. A jaded businessman. And the fight to save a seaside town. Can love reclaim jaded hearts?

Capturing Her Heart - A decade of grief and misunderstanding. Can past mistakes be forgiven?

Igniting Her Heart - A firefighter with scars. A new teacher to town. It only takes one spark ... 

Rescuing Her Heart - He's rescued her once before. Would she let him do it again?

Holding Her Heart - A smart-mouthed cop. A feisty barista. And a road trip full of twists and turns.

Read this box set today and fall in love with the heroes of Serenity Bay!

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