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The Secrets You Keep by Delaney Foster

A woman 7600 miles from home. A sexy stranger. And the promise of a pleasure she'll never forget. All they have to do is get past their secrets... It started with one week away from the pressures of a bedridden father and addict sister, and a chance to change lives- to change her life. Independent. Focused. Driven. Grace Matthews is determined to make a difference. Confident. Powerful. Intense. Callan Fontaine is a force of nature. Because he has to be. As the lead mercenary on his team, it's how he keeps his men alive. A wounded man. A compassionate doctor. And a chance meeting that makes their two worlds collide. Now Grace's future hangs in the balance while Callan's past lingers in the background. Will she be enough to show him the world is still beautiful? Or will he walk away from the one woman that can be the light in his darkness? What do you do when the one thing that can put you back together is very thing that threatens to rip you apart for good?
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