The Secret of Studborne Abbey
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The Secret of Studborne Abbey by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


Does something wicked lurk within the ancient walls of Studborne Abbey?
Find out in this Historical Romance duology!

'The Lady's Guide to Deception and Desire'
Disinherited debutante Rosamund Burnell is in a fix.
Pretending she's still a wealthy catch, she sets out to ensnare the Duke of Studborne.
The only spanner in the works?

Her growing attraction to the duke's very proper, very honourable and very penniless nephew, Benedict.
The duke seems enchanted, but his motives for courting her are not what they seem, and Rosamund is caught in a trap.
She must uncover the truth, and only one person in the abbey can help her.
The annoyingly principled Benedict!

'The Lady's Guide to Scandal'
Before archaeologist Ethan Burnell can return to his exploration of the Mexican jungle, his sister insists he attend her Christmas houseparty, filled with eager debutantes.
A fake engagement for the duration of the festivities sounds like the perfect plan.

With her name mired in scandal, Cornelia Mortmain's marriage prospects are nil.
Wild adventurer Burnell is exactly the sort of 'dangerous man' she's sworn off, and posing as his fiancée can only spell trouble.
Or, make her so notorious she'll become irresistible.

But convincing everyone they're madly in love isn't the only challenge facing the ill-matched pair.
Exploring the Abbey's hidden passageways, they discover its crypt, and the secret of its chilling past.

Heat level : passionate

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