The Scent of Lies
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The Scent of Lies by Debra Burroughs


She wants answers. He wishes he didn’t want her. Watch out, people, sparks are gonna fly!

Novice private eye Emily Parker is determined to prove herself and nail her first big case. Failing to uncover the real killer means her client's life is basically over…and so is her budding career. Emily finds her biggest obstacle is the handsome cop who refuses to back down.

Detective Colin Andrews catches killers to forget his tragic past. When a pretty PI challenges his hunch about his prime suspect, he can’t close the case or get the gorgeous rival off his mind. But if he’s not careful, his growing feelings may prove to be a fatal distraction.

As Emily and Colin’s clash brings them closer, can they uncover the truth before a murderer kills off any chance at a happy ending?

The Scent of Lies, by New York Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs, is the first book in the highly rated Paradise Valley romantic mystery series. If you like captivating characters, simmering intrigue, and a twist of sweet romance, then you’ll love this engaging romp.

Get your copy of The Scent of Lies to see if this novice private eye and her big-city detective can outwit a killer today!

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